About Us

Located in Istanbul Media Ltd. is the exclusive contact point and representative of international publishing houses, national and international television channels and radio stations for Turkey. Media Ltd. is based in the very heart of İstanbul to serve all big clients and agencies for their international advertising projects.

It’s also important to say that Media Ltd. is the exclusive and leading contact point for Inflight Magazines. World’s most respected and well-known airline companies work exclusively with Media Ltd.

Media Ltd. has a very wide selection of online and mobile platforms as well as OOH mediums which has an important role in the media portfolio that Media Ltd. can offer to for Turkish advertisers.

Experience and expertise are the key words making possible for Media Ltd. to go beyond the media sales pure and to support Turkish companies, products and brands in the international markets. Through its worldwide media connections, Media Ltd. is also able also to provide consultancy and media planning services and the most needed strategic assistance in important foreign markets.

Media Ltd. is also a valuable partner of advertising and media agencies in Turkey whenever they need specific solutions for the foreign media.